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Privacy Policy

Special Learning understands and respects your privacy concerns. We know that you care about how your personal information is collected, viewed, and for what purpose it is used by others. This policy explains the information we collect from visitors to our website and how we use that information.

The Information We Collect

There are two types of information we collect on our site: Personal and General Information. Each is obtained through different means and utilized for different purposes.

  • General Information

General information consists only of depersonalized details. It shows us the age, sex, geographic location, and similar demographic data on our visitors. This information is collected without a direct connection to any given user. In other words, while your specific information makes its way into our aggregate data, it is disassociated from you, and we receive only the figures needed for making strategic business decisions regarding our marketing practices, website features and functionality, business services, and product offerings.

  • Personal Information

This kind of information is sometimes referred to as personally identifiable information, and includes, but is not limited to: your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, age, sex, etc.

How Information is Collected

Special Learning collects information in two ways. General Information is collected both directly and indirectly. Personal information is obtained only through direct collection methods.

Collectionof General Information
  1. General information is collected while each and every visitor is on our website. It is obtained in an unobtrusive and safe manner, through both direct and indirect means.
    Directly, the information is taken from your personally identifiable information that you have input into the system. While your personal information is the source of the general data, we collect only aggregate figures, disassociating your personally identifiable information from those figures.
  2. Indirectly, we utilize cookies, web beacons and similar methods to collect general information. These are small, temporary files used by websites to enable various access points on a site. These files are saved to a user’s personal computer as temporary internet files and may be utilized for recordkeeping or data collection purposes as well.
Collection of Personal Information

Personally identifiable information is provided directly by you when you sign up for an account with the website, register for special access to certain features, or when you make a purchase from our store. Though your personal information might be used to glean the aggregate data needed for general information purposes, it will never be associated with that general information in such a manner that it can be traced back directly to you. It is depersonalized for the purposes of general information collection, research, and analysis.

How We Use the Information Collected

Special Learning utilizes the information collected on our website for several purposes. The information collected through general and personal information is used for different reasons.

  • General Information Uses
    The data collected through general information aggregation is utilized by Special Learning to enhance the features and functionality of our website; to target strategic marketing initiatives; to make informed, user-based decisions about our website, our products, and our services; and to improve our overall effectiveness in our general business activities.
  • Personal Information Uses
    Personal information is used to set up secure user accounts, register users for access to certain areas of our website, and to process user purchases from our store. This information is stored securely in our database and is used to:
    1. Ensuring safe and secure use of our online services,
    2. Improve your registered-user experience on our website, by providing you information and recommendations that are relevant to you and your specific needs and circumstances,
    3. And to provide you, via correspondence, with product, service, or general autism- related information offered by Special Learning. If you are not interested, or do not wish to receive such communications, you may opt out of Special Learning’s automated mailing services by sending an email to privacy@special-learning.com, or by changing your personal profile settings on the site.
    4. Personal information of registered users is also utilized for general information collection to provide aggregate data for research purposes. When personal information is the source of aggregate data, it is disassociated from personality identifiable information, so that only raw and anonymous data is collected.
    5. Your personal financial information, entered by you when purchasing items from our store, is not saved by our site.
The Sharing of Information

Special Learning has strict information sharing practices in place in order to ensure the safety and security of your personal information.

  • Personal Information
    Special Learning does not share your personally identifiable information with third-parties for any purpose other than those expressly stated in this section of the Privacy Policy. Your personal information may be released to the appropriate authorities and entities when legal justification is present. Special Learning may release information concerning your use of the site (including any and all public, private, and general information) when compelled by law to do so.
  • General Information

We may share general information with interested, affiliated business partners and unaffiliated third parities for their own research purposes. When general information is shared, it is transferred in raw data format, utilizing only user aggregate information, with only non-personally identifiable user information included.

How Public Information May Be Used

Special Learning provides registered members access to a public forum and to other public services. While we require all members to register in order to utilize these public services, we have no control over the manner in which other members may use or disclose information posted publicly in these arenas. For this reason, we recommend that you use caution regarding the posting of public information, and emphasize that information posted by you in any public portion of our website is not covered by this Privacy Policy, and is instead governed by the Terms of Use for our website.

Security Measures

Special Learning takes the safety and security of your personal information seriously. For this reason, we have put in place reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized use, access, modification, or disclosure.

Third Party Links

This site may contain links to third party websites. Special Learning is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any other websites, and encourages users to exercise discretion when leaving our website via any external link. This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected via the Special Learning site and does not govern or disclose the policies or practices of any other website. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy of any third party site you may visit via a link found on this site.

Protection of Minors

This site is not intended for the use of minors under the age of 13. Children under 13 are not permitted to register with the site, make purchases from the site’s store, or to use any website functions for which formal registration is required. Special Learning will never knowingly collect or share any information about a minor child under the age of 13.

  • What to do if your child registers with the site through unauthorized means.
    If your child has submitted personal information to this site and you would like to have that information removed from our data stores, please contact us at privacy@special-learning.com. The information will remain active in our data stores until we have had the reasonable opportunity to remove it.
  • What to do if your child posts information publicly to the site through unauthorized means.
    If your child has posted information to our public forum or another public area of our website and you wish to have the posts removed, please contact us at privacy@special-learning.com. The posts will remain public until we have had the reasonable opportunity to remove them.
Changes to This Privacy Policy

Special Learning reserves the right to make adjustments and changes to this policy at any time, and will ensure that the current version of the policy is available to you at all times. Your continued use of the site is deemed agreement with the information contained within past and updated Privacy Policies for the site.

California State Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 provides California residents with certain additional rights related to their personal information. This code requires that an entity, such as Special Learning, must provide California residents with the ability to request information pertaining to the business disclosure of personal information to third parties when such information is intended for the express purpose of direct marketing by a third party. However, as previously discussed in our Privacy Policy, your personal information is never shared with any third party for direct marketing purposes.



Parent Waitlist Program


November 02, 2023 | 12pm-1pm PDT

Journey to Independence

Community-based program designed to support families on waitlist

Being an RBT for me was extremely fun because where were you going to find a place where you can be completely silly without having to worry what people thought about you? This was the only job that made me feel like I could make a dramatic difference while being myself.

I also liked to be surrounded by people that had the same goals of wanting to help kids and the teamwork made the job much easier and more enjoyable.

Change and progress was the ultimate goal for our kiddos. The early intervention program was seriously only a miracle because I saw changes in the kiddos that from day one, you wouldn’t even recognize who they were.

Changes from being able to utter 3-4 words where they can only make a syllable from when they started, the behavior decreases in which kiddo that used to engage in 30-40 0 self-harm to only half, learning how to wait during games, table work where they use to swipe and drop to the floor if they had to.

My favorite was when the parents would tell us what amazing progress they were making at home. I used to tear up and felt for these parents so much because it was already difficult for them and now, they can trust and rely on ABA and the therapists knowing their goal was ours.

By Emma Rogers, BA, RBT

Mother Child
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