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Automate and Transform Your ABA Practice for just $8/Month/Client

Unlock the full potential of your practice by achieving greater operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness with a practice management system that guarantees over 99% uptime bundled with Special Learning’s world-class RBT Training, Exam Prep and Competency Assessment solution.

Reduce workload, improve outcomes, and ensure compliance with our all-in-one ABA solution for organizations.

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UnitusTI and Special Learning have partnered to offer ABA organizations a comprehensive solution combining secure digital practice management, flexible data collection with world-class RBT training and Exam Prep Simulated Test Bank ($199 value per license)

The EthosABA Pro Program includes:

With UnitusTI’s technology and Special Learning’s RBT Training, delivered by world-class experts, Dr. Jon Bailey and Dr. Peter Gerhardt, this partnership aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of behavioral analysis organizations worldwide.

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The Importance of quality staff training to maximize client outcomes

There is a direct correlation between well-trained staff and client outcomes for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. 

With the UnituTI and Special Learning partnership, ABA organizations now have access to one of the highest quality RBT trainings solutions available in the market. For FREE.

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Hakeem Hasan


“Overall, the (UnitusTI) launch went well and despite the learning curve, it has reduced work load for us and especially our therapists at the end of their day. We are very excited about where it will take us in the future.”

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Sara Longwell

Metro Music Makers

“The UnitusTI software has made my therapy work life about a thousand times better. It’s time consuming on the front end to enter activities and create programs for each client, but once that’s done, charting is SO FAST. I’m never ever scrambling for hours to get it all done. And now it’s generating data that I can track and share, AND it makes planning for future sessions so much easier. This is a huge game changer for me and I love it. Thank you for making it happen!”

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John Mews

Executive Director Mewsic Moves LLC

“This program and its data collection abilities alone has helped us maintain this grant fund for 3 years now and has also allowed us to increase the funds based on the data that we have collected and the needs that were reported based on this data! #grateful”

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Julie Garrison

Owner Compass Music Therapy

“LOVING UnitUS!!! So intuitive, collects all collateral info and perfect for a start-up music therapy practice. Their customer support is also so helpful. Worth every penny!!! 🙏 Thanks.”

RBT Training, Exam Prep and Competency Assessment Guide Bundle Overview

UnitusTI Difference

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Juliet Newberry

Child Behavior Consultants

“I just wanted to say a big thank-you for your amazing courses. I have enrolled a number of my staff on your course and they are loving it. I have also seen their ability and understanding to carry out certain tasks have been better which has improved their work output. Thank you for amazing learning resources.”

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Shana Caffo

“I thought the training was great. It was organized and covered a lot of really great information! I have a masters degree in ABA, my license as a Behavior Specialist for Pennsylvania and have been working in the field over a little over 6 years. Even with all that experience, there was a ton of new information learned. I also loved the power points to follow and that I could go at my own pace….”

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Matt Tracy

The RBT course offered a wealth of information, I feel like it prepared me to be an RBT and be able to properly handle any client with a dignity and respect they deserve while assisting them and making progress towards their goals. For me being an RBT allows me to sleep at night knowing I have made a positive difference in the life of a child.

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LaKitha Williams

My experience with the program has been great so far as I have been learning a great deal. I like the way you explain and break the terms down in a way that is easier to understand. I appreciate the videos that help to mix it up. I also like the ASR questions that helps me to remember the concepts better or check for my own understanding. I also like seeing the examples of real data sheets. I will say that it is A LOT of information to take in, whew! but, again, thanks for your help.


Parent Waitlist Program


November 02, 2023 | 12pm-1pm PDT

Journey to Independence

Community-based program designed to support families on waitlist

Being an RBT for me was extremely fun because where were you going to find a place where you can be completely silly without having to worry what people thought about you? This was the only job that made me feel like I could make a dramatic difference while being myself.

I also liked to be surrounded by people that had the same goals of wanting to help kids and the teamwork made the job much easier and more enjoyable.

Change and progress was the ultimate goal for our kiddos. The early intervention program was seriously only a miracle because I saw changes in the kiddos that from day one, you wouldn’t even recognize who they were.

Changes from being able to utter 3-4 words where they can only make a syllable from when they started, the behavior decreases in which kiddo that used to engage in 30-40 0 self-harm to only half, learning how to wait during games, table work where they use to swipe and drop to the floor if they had to.

My favorite was when the parents would tell us what amazing progress they were making at home. I used to tear up and felt for these parents so much because it was already difficult for them and now, they can trust and rely on ABA and the therapists knowing their goal was ours.

By Emma Rogers, BA, RBT

Mother Child
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