Level 2 Aba training

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is proven to have the highest rate of success in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Applied Behavior Analysis training is best received from highly trained professionals who have extensive fieldwork experience and knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis and ABA therapy.

Online Training Course offers:

  • Treatment integrity
  • Peer-mediated interventions
  • Preference assessments
  • Social skills
  • Video Modeling and Prompting
  • Data Graphing
  • Reducing unwanted behavior

Comprehensive 9-Part Series includes:

  • Ensuring Treatment Integrity
  • Peer-mediated Interventions: More Than Just Play Skills
  • Preference Assessment – Procedure to develop a list of preferences to use as reinforcement.
  • Social Skills in Elementary School – Part 2
  • Video Modeling and Video Prompting as a treatment intervention

Each session is 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Participants are required to take a 10 question multiple choice pre-test and a 20 question post-test for each session to allow us to assess baseline and information retention. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon demonstrating mastery (80% pass rate) upon completion of a 50-question final exam upon conclusion of the course.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon demonstrating mastery (80% pass rate) upon completion of a 50-question final exam upon the conclusion of the course.

  • Individual 9-Week Course: $299
  • Individual Single Session (“What is Autism”): $40
  • Group Pricing Available

Here is what one of our students had to say after completing the ABA Online Training Course:

“As a mother to a wonderful little boy with Autism, my journey has been long and sometimes painful and frustrating. My son was diagnosed with PDD-nos when he was two. Later that diagnoses would be changed to Autism I have gained a wealth of knowledge from your training courses and would highly recommend them to anyone working with a child with special needs. I look forward to continuing my education in ABA. I think your courses are wonderful. I have really enjoyed all your speakers. “

Sherri Collins, ParentRegistered Nurse

“I am an social educator in Iceland. For the last 4 years I have been working with ABA. I found that it was difficult to get better education in ABA, so I began to browse the internet to find more information and to learn more about ABA. I found the special learning site, and have since completed ABA 1 and ABA 2. These courses have helped me a lot in my work. It is very good to have access to your site for training and information.”

Hlíf Hrólfsdóttir Social Educator

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